Lot #116 – Catching Big Fish

Over the weekend, BidItBob was involved in the annual “Whitney Dock Club Fishing Tournament” at Whitney Lake, between Crawford and Chadron, Nebraska.

We had a heck of a day fishing and caught 6 fish between 24 and 28 inches!  The larger fish was within a couple of inches of placing in the tournament.

Despite not placing in the tournament, it was an extremely fun day and we would recommend fishing in this annual tournament to anyone that enjoys ice fishing.  The Whitney Dock Club does a heck of a job.  This year there was $20,000 in prizes!

For those of you who do enjoy ice fishing or are wanting to get out and try it, we would highly recommend you check out our auction on Tuesday evening!  Lot #116 is a “Mag 2000 Gas Powered Ice Auger”.  See you Tuesday!

Author: Ryan


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